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Apr. 22nd, 2009


[BJD] Captain Black Skull

Rudy cosplayed as Captain Black Skull, a character from my collab fic with ecthelian 

FYI, It's not a sequal to Pirate of the Carribean. lol
He was wearing Tohya's outfit. My SD13 boy is not home right now. So Rudy stole borrowed his wardrobe. lol

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Apr. 20th, 2009


[BJD] Oliver

New faceup of Oliver. I've retrieved him for some time but just had a chance to take his piccu.

Oliver was an accursed child. His previous faceups were damaged from accidents many MANY times. (Everytime my good faceup artist Raykit would scream NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I felt so guilty Oliver caused her such a big problem. ^^;) However, we managed to lift the curse. lol

Bertram is an amazing head mold. I first characterized him as an innocent-looking child. This is what he used to be. But all Bertrams in DOA database are dark, cool, mature-looking boy. Probably my boy wanna say he also wants to be more mature and those series of mishaps were his way of manifestation??? Possible, ehh?? This time when I told the extremely weary Ray (after the 6th wipe-off) to change his look into something more mature-looking, the God of BJD just answered our prayer. lol  And voila! Oliver's new look is done!!! XDD

My friend said he looks like an indy rock star. XDD

Thank you Raykit for the wonderful faceup. Thank you Hippori and Rinchan for the gorgeous props. >w<
Now that he has new look, his profile and background needs to be rewrite. He is no more a crybaby. lol

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Apr. 17th, 2009


[ART] splash!

Delayed Songkran art. lol

I didn't plan to draw anything to celebrate the now over water festival. But having seen pics of Western ladies enjoying the splashing in the papers this morning reminded me of Ruinchan. What if she and the gang were here in Khaosan road and enjoyed themselves in Songkran festival like other tourists... That must be fun. lol

Notice something weird?
It's a water gun Ruinchan is holding. I'm LAME at drawing stuff.... orz


Apr. 15th, 2009


BJD headphone

This is a PR thread for my friend Hippori. She makes headphones for BJD. I've played with one and it was FANTASTIC!!! The most detailed SD-sized headphone I've ever seen!!!

Two types of headphone offered. Both types can suit both SD and MSD.

TYPE A - Hardy headphone
price $25 each (shipping fee included)
This type the earpieces can be flipped around. So real!!

Modeled on DOC U

TYPE B - Gentle headphone
price $15 each (shipping fee included)

Modeled on AiL Bertram on SD13 body

Hippori also offers discount for bulk order. Check her thread in DOA Commission for more detail.


Apr. 14th, 2009


Situation resolved

Finally Thailand riot is resolved. Things are getting back to where it used to be. But one thing that has been changed forever is the people's heart. From now on we'll label those who have different mind as "another color". I'm not a supporter of any color. Every party is equally corrupted. The claimed anarchy and double standard does EXIST in this society no matter how they put it in any fancy terms. It's true that a Mercedes can pass any patrol check while a truck gets stuck and fleeced at every stop. Or people will bow low before you if you have big family name. That's the way life is in this society. Don't lie about it.

Rant on and on...Collapse )

Apr. 13th, 2009


SD Graffiti

Volks never stops to amaze me and cruelly torture my poor little wallet. OTL
The new released body type SD Graffiti is said to be a combination of SD13 that can pose like SD17. = I'm doomed!!

Everytime I re-string Oliver (he is on SD13 body), I was frustrated with his unmobility. The worst case is he couldn't stand properly, no matter how I tried to string him. dr_seiji suggested me to hot glue sueding him to fix the problem. But still the unmobility is the limitation.  I'm thinking of upgrading SD13 body to SDGr. Gotto keep my eyes glued to DOA for more info of this new body type.

But man, his price is really something..... *sigh*

I've bought a lotto. Hopefully I might have some luck. lol
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Apr. 12th, 2009


Mr. and Mrs. Heinkel

Test photo shooting of my new Nikon. Yep! I bought it! >w<

Today Mr. and Mrs. Heinkel were so generous to model for my new camera. Ruinchan asked me to take her out to Songkran festival but looks like Rudy didn't want to comply. lol

Mrs. Heinkel : "Nee... take me out to join the water festival, okay?"

What is the looming figure behind her?Collapse )
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Happy Songkran

April 13-15 is Thai New Year or Songkran festival. Also known as Water festival. We splash water on everyone on the street.

My boys wouldn't miss a chance to celebrate such joyous fest.... in a very traditional way lol

More photos at bbdoll's blog


Thanks Hippori and Raykit for the incredibly creative and evil photostory! XDDD
Crew: DOC U "Noel" belongs to Raykit, MSD F-09 "Ruth" and SD AiL Bertram "Oliver" belong to me, DZ Petdoll Fox "Janus" belongs to Hippori.
Photo by Hippori.


Apr. 9th, 2009


[ART] pirate theme costume

It started from my conversation with KumaWind (ecthelian @ dA) on msn weeks ago.
"I wanna see our OCs in fantasy story..."
And Kuma was so co-operative that she energetically RPed with me for weeks. (Thanks, hunnie)
So here comes the idea of Rudy and Ruinchan in pirate theme!!! XDD

Costume mostly based on Pirate of the Caribbeans. (Okay, I'm lame when came to outfit design.)
Rudy was Captain of the notorious black ship. Ruinchan was a newly promoted knight, the first female knight of the kingdom. She was frustrated from gender discrimination in career and came up with an idea that if she brought the big bad pirate to jail, she would gain respect from the authorities. But looks like it's not an easy task...

Oh I love the story. lol
I'm seriously thinking of sewing them this costume. I even bought the fabrics! XDD


Panda called me that she has received KakaIru Anthology English version from the printing house. Everything went smooth. We'll ship the books to pre-order lists after the long holidays (April 20). Next week is Thai New Year and long public holidays. I'll take a week off.

Thailand is in big protest atm. Wish everything dissolved very soon with the resignation of govt. I'm so sick of politics. *sigh*

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Mar. 31st, 2009


[ART] KakaIru -- Bad influence

Finished the editing of KakaIru Anthology English version. I'm sorry we suddenly had to delay the process due to hectic schedule in RL of both me and walking_in_dark (Pandabaka @ dA). Now everything is back to its normal pace.

I've fixed some errors in the first version. Still not 100% perfect but I hope you guys might enjoy it. ^___^
We'll email our pre-order list by this week. Will update in next journal once emails are sent.
Pandabaka will provide special gift to pre-orders. You still have some time to send us a note. lol

How to pre-order

This BW art is added to the English version.
My idea is to depict the slice of life of the sensei-tachi.
Kakashi is being himself, a serious Icha Icha fan. Iruka, also being himself as a good teacher, is nagging at him for his bad manner.
"Kakashi-sensei, please don't read a book while walking in the street. You can be a bad influence on the kids. (Not to mention reading an erotic book!!"

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